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Clinical Massage

This is not your standard spa massage.  A large percentage of chronic pain syndromes are caused by muscle density, strain, and inflammation. Also, disease and surgery can leave a person with a myriad of painful symptoms related to muscle guarding and scar tissue. Steroid shots, muscle relaxers, and pain killers are not cures. True medically-based, clinical massage offers non-invasive, non-aggressive effective pain relief.


Owner, Theresa Wilkes

30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $90

90 minutes - $125

Staff Therapists

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $115

120 minutes - $140


Greenville, SC Massage, Light Hand Clinical Massage Wave

Aggressive massage techniques can stress the body and cause more pain.  At Light Hand, we work deeply, but slowly and sensitively so as not to cause harm and to allow the neurological healing response in the muscles to arise.


Therapies we provide ~

Read more about each option that can be included/focused on with any session.

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