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Here you will find Intake Forms for various services. However, even more importantly, you will find articles, videos and audio files to in"form" you and support your healing process. As it is our mission to educate as well as treat, you will often have our therapists recommend you look up any of the following information.


All clients are asked to fill out a New Client Intake Form. This allows us to review your condition and medical history in order to prepare for your first session. You can download PDF's and email, or, if you  prefer, you can bring it with you.



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Grab a quiet corner and read some of the support articles we feel are important to all our clients.

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Relaxation and Grounding Meditation - 16 Minutes
Inner Listening - 29 Minutes
Stress Relief - 10 Minutes


How is "Light Hand" different from other similar businesses in Greenville?

Light Hand Muscle Therapy Center has been created as a massage clinic with a focus on utilizing advanced medical massage techniques to treat chronic pain syndromes, injuries, post-surgical and cancer symptoms. We only perform therapeutic, pain relieving treatments. We do not do spa services or relaxation massage. Many massage businesses have opened in Greenville in recent years. Most of these are spas which offer relaxation massage and some are franchise massage clinics that offer general massage therapy. A majority of the therapists working in these businesses are recent graduates of local massage schools with very little advanced therapeutic training. Our therapists have many years of experience in the field and have studied (and continue to study) cutting edge therapeutic techniques. Also, all cases are over-seen by Theresa Wilkes who has 30 years of clinical experience and was the director of 2 massage training schools. Light Hand Muscle Therapy has an extensive track record of successfully treating people who have had long term pain issues or complicated symptoms due to medical conditions. We would be pleased if you would call us for a free consultation. 864-387-0435.

What is Light Touch Deep Focus massage?

Many people think that massage has to be deep, hard and painful to be effective. This no pain, no gain” approach is like treating your pain with a sledge hammer and can actually be harmful.

If you are in pain, have had an injury or surgery, your body is already in a form of traumatic response. If you inflict more force and pain, the nervous system responds through the proprioceptors in the muscles by creating protective guarding spasm/tension in the muscles. This is the exact opposite of your desired effect. Additionally, the body sends more inflammation to the area in an effort to heal and protect the area from the “attack”. This is why people sometimes report feeling like they were “beaten up” or “hit by a Mack truck” after a particularly aggressive massage session.

At Light Hand, we always work with a light touch and a deep focus. This means that we begin treating any muscle tension or pain by first flushing out the inflammation with Lymphatic massage. It immediately reduces pain and increases circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients. This gives the muscle more of what it essentially needs to heal and function. Once the therapist feels the muscle is ready, she/he sinks in slowly to the deeper layers of the pain pattern, always “listening” with skilled, sensitive hands to the muscle response. When working deeply, but with patience and sensitivity, the therapist does not trigger a defensive reaction in the tissue. Instead, the muscles, in connection with the nervous system, utilize their own healing capabilities to relax and become more functional. As the pattern releases, the therapist is able to work diligently through deeper and deeper layers of the dysfunction. In this way, the client can experience real and lasting pain relief and whole body wellness.

How long will treatments be needed?

Of course every client is different. In general, what we recommend is that you come 3 weeks in a row so that each treatment builds on the last. At the end of those 3 sessions, you will have a clear idea if the massage is working for you and if you need to continue coming every week or if you can cut back to every other week or less. Your therapist will help you to make this decision by offering options and possible out comes. Most importantly, our goal is for you to be able to maintain a pain free existence without being dependent on constant treatment. We want you to be completely healthy and not just healthy with endless therapy.

Do you take insurance?

Many clients have been treated previously by doctors and are still not well. We have an excellent record of happy and pain free clients. Despite this, our methods are not considered medical and therefore not covered by insurance. Most clients find that the cost of our services is much less than the fees charged for medical services. Also, we can taylor a treatment plan that works with your budget. Also, we encourage you to read our TESTIMONIALS. You will find that our clients feel our services are life changing and a worthy investment toward their health. Our clients consider this a small amount of money to live pain free.

What type of chronic pain do you treat?

We treat any pain syndrome that has a muscular and inflammatory component. Many common pain syndromes are not often thought to be a muscle issue because doctors do not consider muscle pain to be an important medical condition. Chiropractors address many of the same conditions but treat mainly the spine and the nerves. However, many of these conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, soiatica, tendonitis, migraines, knee and hip pain, low back pain, whiplash and others have a very definite muscular influence. So, if you have been to a medical doctor and a chiropractor but have felt no relief, please call us to discuss the specifics of your case and how our treatments can help you.

Do you treat Sciatic Pain? I've been to my doctor and chiropractor will no results.

When sciatica has been long standing, the element that has most often been missed is muscular. The sciatic nerve, which is as thick as your thumb, runs underneath (and sometimes though) the hip rotator muscles. When these strong broad muscles are tight, they compress the nerve and cause inflammation, pain and dysfunction in the hip, down the leg and sometimes down to the knee and foot. Other large muscles may be involved like the ilio-psoas, quadratus lumborum and hamstrings. Massage will not only release the muscle tension but flush out the inflammation. The accumulation of inflammatory fluid can be profound in the entire hip, pelvis and leg area. This prevents good flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the tissues causing pain, burning, weakness and spasms. When waste products and old lymph is removed, the tissues and nerves will be able to get healthy again. We have seen this treatment regimen be successful in hundreds of cases.

I've just had a double mastectomy, What would your treatment plan be for me?

First we will have you in for an assessment. You will fill out a detailed history of your medical treatment so we are well informed. Then we will take a look at your surgical scars and any lymphatic congestion that might be present. And, of course, we will ask you about any symptoms and pain you have either directly related to your mastectomy and treatment or secondary to it. Quite often, women will have pain or numbness in their extremities and backs that they don’t think of as being related to the surgery, chemo or radiation treatments. But, our combination of deep tissue therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic massage can help you feel pain free and healthy through your whole body. We will discuss whether you would like to come every week or every other week. This may be influenced by your level of pain and congestion as well as by your budget. The massage therapy usually begins with clearing the lymph nodes and tissues around the neck, chest and arms as the first priority. This increases lymph flow through the area even if you have had nodes removed. It also reduces the possibility of lymphedema in the future. Scar tissue release can be performed gently in these first visits. Once the lymph is moving well, more time can be taken on tight muscles and scar tissue around the shoulders, abdomen and back. This is especially helpful if you have had DIEP Flap and have extensive scars across the abdomen. Finally, we will perform circulatory and lymphatic massage on the hips, legs and feet. These areas are often very congested after chemo, radiation and extended bed rest or inactivity. This supports the lymph and immune system to be strong and vital long after cancer. It is also excellent for reducing pain and fatigue as you get back to your favorite activities.