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Our Services

We have 4 categories of services. A brief description below should help you identify the areas best suited for your health. 

You can "read more" about each section, or contact us if you'd prefer to ask us questions directly.

Services Overview

Clinical Massage Therapies

True medically-based, clinical massage offers non-invasive, non-aggressive effective pain relief. Our team of therapists apply a variety of advanced techniques with a Light Hand and Deep Focus. We may also recommend nutritional changes, supplementation, stretching and movement or meditation techniques to support your holistic health. We have a variety of clinical massages that focuses on individual issues.  

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Wellness Services

The body wants to be healthy and balanced.  All of its systems are created to make this happen.Our modern lifestyle, filled with stress, electronic stimulation, artificial foods, and chemical medications depletes this natural ability.

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Special Treatments

We are all about well-being at Light Hand.  But, people are multidimensional.  So, it is important to address the whole being, the total individual, to assist a person in finding what health and wellness means for them. These treatments go beyond a standard clinical approach by inviting all of the senses and all levels of awareness to engage in healing. 

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Post Plastic Surgery Services (Includes Cavitation)

Plastic surgeons are recommending lymphatic drainage massage for their patients quite often these days.  The Light Hand massage staff has many years of experience in utilizing the specialized techniques of manual lymph drainage to help these patients attain the best possible results from their procedures while supporting increased immune functions.

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