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Light Hand

Clinical Massage Therapy

You deserve to
be pain free

Let us help you with that journey.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or illness, we are glad you found us.  If you have not found relief with pills, shots and surgery, please consider our services. 



16 different massage therapy types to suit our clients needs

5 different wellness services that are difficult to find elsewhere

3 unique treatments that can positively impact your health 

Decrease healing time and improve results

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We are a skilled team of clinical massage and bodywork therapists, and natural health professionals who want you to help you to achieve freedom from pain and vibrant health through manual and holistic therapies, without drugs or aggressive treatments. With a long track record of success, we treat pain syndromes, chronic inflammation, injuries, and the side-effects of major surgery and traumatic diseases like cancer. Please see an list of conditions that can benefit from our services below. 

Conditions We Treat

If you are experiencing one of these condition and have not been able to find relief through a traditional medical path, we invite you to:

Read more about each condition below and see how we can help!

Conditions Anchor

We Hear (HEAL) You

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Theresa, you are a miracle worker! You did just the right amount of clearing, to achieve the greatest results possible.
I feel better than I have in MONTHS! As a Covid Long-hauler, I appreciate being able to take a deeper breath, sleep well and wake without a headache. Thank you!

I was injured in a car accident with whiplash and was looking for a massage therapist to help me with the pain. ...
I have been to different massage therapists over the years, but I wanted someone who specialized in treatment of injury and not just to feel good. My therapist wonderful! She took the time to explain to me what was happening to my muscles as a result of the accident and truly made me feel comfortable...
I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping me.

I am a three-time breast cancer survivor with lymph system issues. I have been using the Light Hand Muscle Therapy Center for massages for 2+ years. The therapists have special training dealing with the lymph system. Not all massage therapists are trained in the specific needs/treatment of post-cancer patients. These therapists are a God send to me and have helped me reach a higher level of functioning than I had when we moved to Greenville 4 years ago. If you are a post-cancer patient of any type of cancer, or anyone with pain issues, please give Light Hand the opportunity to work with you and to hopefully ease your pain, if not completely remove it.

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