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What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

This popular type of massage focuses on the Lymphatic System of the body which extends from the top of the head through the abdomen to the tips of the fingers and toes. It is a very gentle, but deeply effective type of massage. Lymphatic Drainage Massage improves overall health by reducing swelling and fluid retention, eliminating toxins from the body, and boosting immunity. Lymphatic drainage massage also helps to strengthen muscles and joints while reducing pain and improving flexibility.

Uses of lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage is used for a Lymphatic System injury, Lymphatic System stagnation, Lymphatic System obstruction, Lymph nodes congested with fluid or waste.

It is crucial to have good lymph circulation so the body can get rid of toxins and adequately absorb nutrients. Most patients don't know if they are suffering from a disease or an infection sometimes called Lymph Stasis, which prevents proper absorptions of food or fluids. Lymph Stasis keeps your lymph nodes clogged and maintains an unhealthy supply of bacteria in your bloodstream. A Lymph Drainage Massage will help clear out those Lymph nodes to help facilitate a healthy Lymphatic system.

It effectively assists in recovery for cancer or surgical patients. Breast cancer patients who have had a mastectomy have found that lymph massage is excellent at preventing lymphedema and also effective at treating active lymphedema. Many cancer patients experience abdominal bloating and inflammation. Deep lymphatic drainage can offer a great deal of relief for this condition.

Patients recovering from joint replacements or soft tissue surgery on the joints (rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, etc) find that lymph massage can reduce swelling & inflammation and speed healing.

Chronic illness and pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and diabetes are increasingly common today. It is widely understood that chronic inflammation is an underlying cause of these disorders. Lymphatic massage can reduce the build-up of inflammation in the tissues and organs as well as the extremities and the joints.

Recently, we have been utilizing lymph drainage massage to treat the massive, heavy inflammation associated with Covid 19 and Covid Long Haul patients. The massage can ease the build up of inflammatory fluid in the head, throat, lungs and abdominal cavity as well as the extremities and joints.

This type of massage is also excellent for athletes who suffer from Lactic Acid build-up after exercising and injuries both present and past. It helps eliminate scar tissue and increases joint mobility and movement so your body can heal properly.

Do lymphatic drainage massages work?

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the best way to keep your Lymphatic System healthy. Lymphatic Drainage massages improve Lymphatic System health by reducing Lactic Acid build-up, eliminating toxins, and boosting immunity.

Lymphatic drainage massages also increase joint mobility and promote healing so that people suffering from Lymphatic System conditions can feel relief. Lymphatic Drainage Messages are a safe and painless way to clear Lymph Nodes.

A Lymphatic System can be compared to the plumbing system in your house; if you have clogged drains, then it will affect how much water flows through that area of your home. The same goes for Lymphatic Vessels, Lymph Nodes, and Lymph Ducts.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages are designed to clear out all of these areas so that Lymph can flow freely through the body, which is essential for proper Lymph Circulation and Immune Function.

What benefits does Lymphatic Drainage Massage provide?

- Helps reduce pain, increase mobility/range of motion, improve muscle tone, decrease stress levels, and reduce recovery time after workouts.

Lymphatic drainage massage is also beneficial for people recovering from injuries or surgery to the lymph nodes after cancer treatments.

- It can increase mobility/range of motion, improve muscle tone, decrease stress levels, speeding up recovery time after workouts.

Lymphatic Drainage massage is beneficial in maintaining good health by reducing fluid retention, swelling and promoting Lymphatic fluid flow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage also helps relieve pain, eliminate toxins from the body, reduce stress levels, and increase immunity.

Are there health risks associated with Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymph massage should not be performed on people with serious cardiac issues, any pathogenic infection, renal failure or acute deep venous thrombosis.

It is possible for people receiving lymphatic massage to experience a moderate level of detox or Herxheimer symptoms. These can include feeling flu-ish, headache, body aches, increased urination, or diarrhea. This detox reaction usually lasts for a day or two and generally only after the first and or second massage.

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