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Muscle Melting: Non-Force Deep Tissue Massage

Muscle Melting: Non-Force Deep Tissue Massage

8 CEs

July 9
$165 before 9/9/23 | REG $185

Class Description: To many people, Deep Tissue Massage means hard, aggressive, painful techniques meant to force the muscle to release tension. This type of work can leave the client with increased pain and the therapist burned out with stressed hands and joints. The latest anatomy research and development of advanced techniques show us the way to work in cooperation with the nervous system, the muscle proprioceptors, and the lymphatic system, engaging the body’s own healing mechanisms in order to release muscle tension and pain more thoroughly, deeply, and gently. This class will teach the therapist to identify and flush inflammation out of the muscles in preparation for deep work. Slow, sinking strokes performed with soft hands and optimal body alignment will calm the nervous system and lower proprioceptive activity. Effective, specific routines of non-force, deep tissue massage for the low back & hips, upper back & rotator cuff, and neck will be demonstrated and practiced.

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