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Craniosacral, Level 1

Craniosacral, Level 1

16 CEs

July 22 & 23

Cranial Sacral Therapy is gaining in recognition and popularity with the general
population. This class will give the therapist a clear understanding of the theory and benefits of this
cutting-edge therapy and when to apply it. An overview of the anatomical system will be covered. Most
importantly, the therapist will learn to palpate and assess the cranial rhythm throughout the body and in
the head. The concept of still-point will be explained and demonstrated. Techniques to treat the parietal, frontal and zygoma bones, CV-4 and dural tube will allow the therapist to address simple headaches, sinus issues and back tension and are given on Day 1. These techniques can also be easily integrated into a general wellness massage promoting relaxation and introducing the client to cranial sacral therapy. A review of the initial techniques and a deeper look at the anatomy will start us off on Day 2. Then, techniques to treat the sphenoid, temporal, mandible, occiput and sacrum will be given. A discussion about developing focused listening skills will encourage the therapist to take the practice beyond technique to mastery. The techniques given in this class form a complete treatment protocol.

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