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CE 2 day CranioSacral Therapy Course

CE 2 day CranioSacral Therapy Course

16 CEs for Massage Therapists:
CranioSacral Therapy-Anatomy, Theory and Technique for Massage Level 1

April 15 & 16
9:00-6:00 pm

This class will give the therapist a clear understanding of the theory and benefits of this cutting-edge therapy and when to apply it. The techniques given can be integrated into a general wellness massage or be performed as a full hour-long treatment protocol. The therapist will learn to assess imbalances in the cranial bones and apply techniques to treat headaches, jaw tension, back & neck pain, vertigo and migraines. Energetic dynamics, The Long Wave and Empathetic Sensing will be discussed throughout the class. Most importantly, the therapist will learn to palpate and assess the cranial rhythm throughout the body and in the head. A dialogue about developing focused listening skills will encourage the therapist to take the practice beyond technique to mastery. The techniques given in this class form a complete treatment protocol.

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