Our Vision


Who We Are

We are a team of natural health practitioners who are passionate about providing cutting edge massage and natural health techniques to serve people in pain.  At a time when chronic pain and the associated opioid use is epidemic, people are searching for more natural forms of healing.  We believe that the greatest medicine available is found in the plants and manual techniques that are a intregal part of the planet and have been for centuries.  At Light Hand, the staff members practice natural health and nutritional wellness in our own lives and know its benefits personally.  We believe that sometimes great healing can be found in the compassion, skill, and sensitivity of human hands before turning to technology and chemicals.  When provided by trained professionals, massage therapy can be powerful medicine.  It is non-aggressive and non-invasive.  It supports the body’s own systems and strengths. It can be condition specific and truly effective at relieving pain and restoring health.  All of our team members have more than 5 years of experience in the profession. We maintain a priority of training and continued education in order to offer the most current techniques in an authentically skilled fashion.  This is who we are and how we choose to serve our community.


How We Work

The body wants to be healthy and balanced.  All of its systems are created to make this happen.  Our modern lifestyle, filled with stress, electronic stimulation, artificial foods, and chemical medications depletes this natural ability.  Aggressive massage techniques can also stress the body and cause more pain.  At Light Hand, we work deeply, but slowly and sensitively so as not to cause harm and to allow the neurological healing response in the muscles to arise.  Each session is a dialogue with the therapist, listening to uncover and understand the source of pain and dysfunction, how the body wants to release, and what technique will do the job with the least amount of force.  Additionally, our therapists are all trained to recognize inflammation and congestion in the muscle tissues and to flush it out using lymphatic drainage techniques.  When inflammation leaves the tissues, pain reduces and blood, oxygen, and nutrients can return to facilitate greater health. The addition of nutritional supplements and healthy diet and exercise ensures that the body can maintain its renewed health.


Our Team Approach

The therapists at Light Hand work as a team to serve the client’s needs as fully as possible.  Theresa Wilkes, owner and lead therapist, has 25 years of experience in massage, natural health education, meditation, herbs and nutrition.  She oversees and trains the Light Hand team of South Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapists. At the first appointment, each client’s condition is thoroughly assessed by taking a medical history and utilizing hands-on techniques.  A treatment plan is created and we ask that each client initially come for three consecutive sessions generally spaced one week apart.  We find that this is a reasonable timeframe allowing each session to build on the last.  After the third treatment, the client is able to clearly recognize for themselves if they are getting a good response.  At that time, he/she is reassessed and an on-going treatment plan may be recommended.  The Light Hand therapist with the most appropriate skills is given the case at each level of treatment.  Often, the therapists consult with each other to discuss treatment and gain further insights from the pool of skills within the team.  In some cases, the client may be referred to another therapist in the practice with unique skills to allow continued progress.  In this way, we feel our clients are less prone to hitting plateaus, better able to achieve their health goals, and guaranteed to receive a truly personalized service.

Our Vision is to:

• Provide exceptional skilled, effective, and affordable natural therapies in a professional and compassionate manner
.• Perform therapies in a manner that is non-aggressive and is receptive, responsive, and supportive to the body’s own healing process. We believe true health arises from the body and is not forced upon it.
• Assist our clients in attaining sustainable, pain-free health and educate them about their injury and/or syndrome to empower them in understanding their own body, how it functions, and how it can heal.
• Have all of our staff be fully trained in the most current and technically advanced knowledge methods available.
• Educate the public about the vast scope and benefit of medical massage and bodywork, corrective exercise, and nutritional counseling in support of holistic health.
• Work in cooperation with other health care professionals in service of our clients and the advancement of natural therapies.