Theresa Wilkes, BA - SC LMBT #5634

As the Owner and Head Therapist of Light Hand Muscle Therapy and Healing Arts Center, Theresa employs all the skills she has gathered over her 24 years in the healing arts profession. She is the Head Massage Therapist, assessing and treating the most complex cases as well as over-seeing all massage cases. As a previous NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider and massage school owner, Theresa trains all the LH therapists in the light hand, deep focus style which includes techniques drawn from the most up to date bodywork techniques. And, having been an integral part of many amazing natural healing businesses, Theresa envisions Light Hand Healing Arts Center as a natural health care provider that utilizes a team of highly skilled healers from various modalities to serve the whole person, the community of Greenville and (to be so bold) the planet.

Theresa graduated from The North Carolina School of Natural Healing in Asheville, N.C. in 1992. The school’s focus was to teach massage as a holistic healing art instead of a technical vocation. Later, she became a teacher at the school and Theresa Wilkes Pictureeventually its owner and director in 2002. Theresa ran her private practice for 15 years in Asheville and Saluda, N.C. specializing in treating chronic pain syndromes. She has also worked with many clients who are recuperating from cancer or major surgery. In 2009, Theresa opened her practice in Greenville, SC. "I really see Greenville opening up to massage therapy in a very big way right now, but mostly in the spa variety. I am very excited to share with people what true clinical massage can do."

Theresa is certified in Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and, Lomi Lomi Massage as well as herbalism, meditation and energy healing. She has also studied and practiced Lymphatic Drainage, Positional Release and Connective Tissue Therapy (a form of deep tissue massage) for many years. “Over the years I have seen so many people who are desperate to find relief from what I know to be soft tissue (muscle) pain. Historically, they have been treating it with prescription medication, steroid injections, physical therapy or surgery. They know that it isn’t making them well, but they don’t know what else to do. When you treat muscle pain with massage therapy and bodywork, the client not only gets pain relief but gets healthy muscle tissue which will be less prone to re-injury or flair ups. I love being a part of this process. Though it is not the quick solution, it can lead to authentic wellness, and I am well versed in walking every step of it with my clients. It’s an honor to witness good people returning to a full life, free of pain.”


Theresa has exposed me to a kind and level of bodywork that I had never experienced before. With her weekly help, I have moved well along the road to healing from the physical problems that forced me into early retirement. I have had body work from a number of practitioners, but Theresa stands out as the best I have known. -IM


As Light Hand's Lead Therapist, Theresa only sees emergency and medical cases. Online scheduling is not offered for these appointments. Please call 864-387-0435 for a free phone assessment and to schedule an appointment with Theresa.