What Clients are Saying......

I am a 58 year old man. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in December of 2011. I was very early Stage I which gave me treatment options. The treatment I decided on was the RVD (revlimid, velcade, and dexamethasone) treatment. It had proven to have few side effects in most patients. During the early cycles of treatment, I was able to exercise vigorously and often. I was going to the gym 6-7 days a week and building both strength and stamina.
Around the fifth cycle, I started to get some pains in my thighs. It wasn’t bad at first, but as the cycles progressed, the pain became worse. My thighs ached just like I was running a fever, but, of course, I wasn’t. The pain was affecting my workouts, limiting the time and intensity. I discussed this side effect with my oncologist, and she was thinking it was some manifestation of neuropathy. Since none of my extremities were involved, I doubted it truly was neuropathy, but didn’t have a clue what it could be. As the cycles continued, the aching progressed. Soon, I was limiting my walking at work. I would avoid stairs as much as possible. At the gym, I would limp from one exercise to the next, totally eliminating any leg work.
At that time, one of my partners had a standing appointment with Theresa Wilkes. He suggested I see if she could help the ache in my legs. He actually gave me his next appointment so I could try it out.
When the first massage was over, my legs felt great! For the first time in months I could walk without pain. I hopped down off of the table excited to find something that helped. I immediately set the next appointment.
Ms. Wilkes had discovered the drugs I was taking were not causing neuropathy, but were inflaming my muscles. My lymph nodes were swollen, causing the pain. Each treatment would reduce the swelling in the lymph nodes thus reducing the pain. I scheduled a weekly appointment to help me while I was in the cycles. Once the treatment was over, I continued my appointments but were able the spread them out over time as the inflammation became less. -BC, Greenville.
Light Hand is fantastic. I tried several other places in Greenville to tackle the chronic muscle tightness in my neck and shoulders. I left most of them feeling beat-up or as tight as I went in… until my husband lucked out and got Theresa. I've been seeing her for almost 2 years and the light hand approach is just what I needed. They truly do listen to your body and work their way through your issues. Theresa never forced my muscles to do anything, rather worked with the problem areas to function more normally. With the new additions to the staff, they offer a well-rounded approach to heal the whole body by getting to the root of the issues. I look forward to working with the Light Hand Team to get my body healed and well. I'm very lucky to have found a place that really wants to help me live a better, pain-free life. - LS
Having been a very satisfied client of Theresa's for several years she had contacted my wife Betty and I to see if we would be interested in being treated by one of her new therapists. Since I work and play too hard a deep tissue massage was a great idea. Her name is Alicia Henderson and she is awesome. Having a natural feel and love for her job was obvious immediately. She wasted no time in locating knots and trouble spots and then working them out. I only hope my wife and Theresa will be understanding when I say that I'm going to make Alicia a habit. - DM
I am a three-time breast cancer survivor with lymph system issues. I have been using the Light Hand Muscle Therapy Center for massages for 2+ years. Theresa has special training dealing with the lymph system. Not all massage therapists are ...MoreI am a three-time breast cancer survivor with lymph system issues. I have been using the Light Hand Muscle Therapy Center for massages for 2+ years. Theresa has special training dealing with the lymph system. Not all massage therapists are trained in the specific needs/treatment of post-cancer patients. She is a God send to me and has helped me reach a higher level of functioning than I had when we moved to Greenville 4 years ago. If you are a post-cancer patient of any type of cancer, or anyone with pain issues, please give Theresa the opportunity to work with you and to hopefully ease your pain, if not remove it. She is a joy to work with and I hope you will give her the opportunity to make your life special again! - JD
Theresa and her therapists are amazing. They come with years of experience and have transformed my neck and back. Not to mention help with vertigo and inflammation. They also have helped me to understand the body so much better by sharing knowledge and exercises to continue work on my own at home between visits if I wish. ..They have a very caring work ethic that far surpasses any other place of its kind. Would recommend them to everyone! I already do! - AH
Initially sought treatment for injury, however, Theresa Wilkes took the time to explain so many things that were happening with my body and how we could work together to improve my overall health, I've been going back to her ever since. The therapy is great, but more importantly for me, Theresa and the staff at Light Hand care for the whole person and they are always seeking out new opportunities to address ALL issues relating to complete wellness. Diet, exercise, nutrition, meditation, classes, tried and true products, a lending library all add to the overall experience. - LS
I experienced a new therapist. She was warm, welcoming and asked great questions. She even offered my choice of music. Basic highlights: Strong healing hands and best neck upper body work ever Targeted tendon issue with excellence...no more clicking or sore hand Felt like a floating cloud walking out Thank you Light Hands! - KB
My therapist was amazing! I have some basic sports type injuries and also tendon issues with my right arm/ hand. I had an issue with bad trigger finger with my ring finger. I went to a hand specialist and received a cortisone shot which helped for about 6'weeks. The Dr. said only surgery would cure it if the cortisone did not work. While discussing this with my therapist, she said she could work on the tendons and felt confident she could make a difference. I was skeptical but agreed to extra work in that area. Amazingly, I do not have the painful trigger finger and painful stiffness in that hand anymore. If I overdo work such as painting, I go in and she works her magic and I am fine. I love the fact that I learn how to avoid injury and stay in overall good health. This is a very healing and holistic place. I love it! - Kathy B
Theresa is amazing! I don’t have time to go into detail about how amazing every massage with Theresa is. My lower back hurt to the point that I thought I might have kidney issues. Theresa worked on my lymph glands. I would have never thought that was causing the pain, but I walked out of the office feeling like brand new! Even if you don’t know it’s there, Theresa will find it and work it out of you. Every time I leave her office I am on cloud 9! – SH
Theresa has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I first started seeing her several years ago for pain associated with fibromyalgia. I can honestly say that I don’t believe I could have made it through that period of intense pain without her help. At each appointment, she provides me not only with pain relief, but with infinite patience, helpfulness, and wisdom. Theresa gives me tips on eating well, nutritional supplements, exercise, and so much more. Every time I see her, I gain some insight into how I can improve my health. Most of all, Theresa has become a wonderful friend; it’s reassuring to know that she’s only a text or phone call away. – HK
I met Theresa in May 2011, and I wish I had met her sooner. A friend of mine recommended me trying Light Hand Muscle Therapy after hearing about my tightness in my hips and hamstrings. When I first visited Theresa, I was also experiencing some sciatic pain. I had days when I was in tears over this pain and took Aleve on a daily basis. I also had spent a lot of time and money on physical therapy, X-rays, and an MRI, nothing showed up, so I was frustrated with still no relief. I am a very active person, and my tight muscles were limiting my performance and really had me down. I can honestly say after my first 30 minute visit, for the first time in a long time, I had hope that I would move better, sleep better, and perform my physical activities better. Theresa was so kind and patient, and I loved that she listened. I didn't feel like she was trying to get me in and out. Now, I rarely experience the Sciatic pain that I had two years ago. Theresa also goes the extra mile, and she knows her stuff. She has checked on me after visits, printed out things for me on nutrition, demonstrated specific stretches for me to do, has stretched out my legs and hips for me, gave me a yoga DVD, and has researched things for me. I highly recommend you visiting Theresa before you pursue other options. It can save you time, money, and frustrations, and most of all, you will feel better with her Light and caring touch! - SW
I am a 50 year old male who works out 5 times a week, is very active, and plays golf. Since I was 20, I would tweak my lower back about once per year. The tweak could have been caused by standing up, playing golf or coughing. It was very painful and sometimes I could not even walk for 3 days. I used a Chiropractor to fix the problem. Generally I recovered over a two to three week period. I have been receiving weekly massages from Theresa for the last 3 years. Since then I have not had any back tweaks and I am much more flexible. I can actually touch my toes without bending my knees first thing in the morning. I credit this to my preventative maintenance program that utilizes massage. Well worth the time and money to insure I never get another painful back tweak. And so I can more easily tie my shoes in the morning. – BB
After coming through Breast Cancer for the third time and chemotherapy twice in 5 years, I was experiencing side effects from the last chemo treatment that included neuropathy in my hands/feet and extreme pain in my right arm from the double mastectomy surgery I had undergone. When we left Georgia and retired to Greenville in July 2010, I was still on a lot of strong medication for my pain and did not feel well, although it had been almost 5 years since my last chemo treatment. I had gotten several massages during that last treatment series in 2005-6 and it had helped. Along with having to find all new doctors after we moved, I was searching for something that would help me feel like ME again. I found Theresa Wilkes quite by accident, but I know that God led me to her door! She has helped me get my life back. After just a few sessions, I found my pain subsiding in my arm and as a result, I have been completely off pain medication for almost a year. Theresa found that my lymphatic system was backed up throughout my whole body and continues to concentrate on those areas that continually back up, especially when I fail to get the exercise my body needs. She knows my body so much better than I do. She has given me back a life that at one time I thought I might never have again. I will always be grateful for Theresa’s knowledge of the body and the training she has mastered to meet the needs of those with special issues after cancer treatment. Not everyone is trained to do this! She is also helping several other Breast Cancer survivors I have met. Like me, they are amazed with Theresa’s ability to help through a very difficult recovery process. She is amazing and I am so thankful that she came into my life! - JD
I would like to tell everyone what an incredible part of my healing Theresa has been to me. I am a 43 year old breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in Dec. 2011, I had 16 rounds of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy in June 2012, and 25 rounds of radiation ending in Oct. So, you can imagine the "beating" my body has taken. I began seeing Theresa in Sept. 2012 and can honestly say it is the best thing I have done for myself. I truly believe she has been a key part of my recovery!! What she does is more than just massage, she listens to your body and treats it accordingly. The lymphatic massage is great and I really feel this is an important part of regaining my overall health. I leave every session knowing I just did a good thing for my body! - RR
I have been having intense pain in my hip for 2.5 years. My primary physician x-rayed and could not determine the source. I spent 10 months with a physical therapist and worked diligently many hours each week following the prescribed exercise program. The pain got worse. I had my first appointment with Theresa in May, 2007. I met with her weekly and have had remarkable results. I can now walk an hour without pain. She has been successful in reducing pain in my shoulder and in both my hands. I am a classical pianist and have arthritis in my fingers. I give Theresa the credit for the remarkable improvement in my mobility and quality of life. - KA
Getting to see Theresa was always the highlight of my week. I’ve suffered from headaches, stomach pain, and muscles aches due to college life, a chronic illness, biking, stress, busyness, etc., and she was always able to bring relief. It was such a blessing. She’s flexible and works with me to get me in if I’m hurting. Theresa’s great at what she does and she loves it. I would highly recommend to anyone to at least give this a shot. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. - DR
I first met Theresa in December 2009 for one of her complimentary massage sessions. At the time I had an egg sized accumulation of stress in my neck and she worked it out in a fifteen minute session and it never came back. In 2010 I undertook some physical therapy on my own at home for a second shoulder injury. She provided the massage therapy to accompany my exercise and within a few months the muscles were healed and capable of regular use. Since learning of her gift to find the problem areas in my muscles and massage them back to health, I go regularly for maintenance, since at my age muscles are always needing attention. Walking muscle pains, computer use muscle pains, yard-work muscle pains; you name it and she can make it better. The sessions are the best part of any day and frankly I don't see how people exist without them. If you haven't tried it her way, you owe yourself the pleasure of finding out firsthand what real therapeutic massage therapy can do for you. - DE
Every time I go to see Theresa, I make tremendous progress with my healing and towards my goals. She has an uncanny ability to give color and a voice to the energy in the body and can manipulate, tweak or smooth out any kinks, pain or heaviness. Not only does she creatively bring light to any problem area in the body, but can bring it to your heart and spirit with her happy demeanor, wise advice and witty humor. - BH
Theresa's skill set in her profession is excellent. She has helped me in more than massage therapy but moving towards an overall healthier lifestyle with her holistic approach. Highly recommend the Light Hand Muscle Therapy Center. Theresa truly cares about her clients and is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly skilled lady. - NA
Theresa is a master of her craft. She shares, enlightens, teaches and helps to heal bodies. I love her work and all the helpful tips she has given me to feel better. Thank you Theresa for all your work. You are very much appreciated. - FC