PSOAS DAY (Continuing Education)



Does your client have chronic low back pain that your massage isn't resolving? Do you think about working on the psoas but, hold back because you are nervous and lack confidence? This class is for you. The psoas is the King of the Core Muscles. It is involved in most low back and hip pain. It is a major contributor to sciatica. And, more and more clients are becoming aware of it’s importance. The best therapists know how to treat it effectively without causing the client pain or embarrassment. This class will give you a clear picture of the anatomy of the psoas and the associated muscles in the glutes, hips and low back as well as the palpation skills to access them confidently. You will learn to warm and flush the area to reduce inflammation and sensitivity. Then, you will learn a full deep tissue massage routine in the prone, supine and side lying positions with secure draping. Finish up with stretches and self-care techniques to give your clients, and you'll be ready to step up your therapeutic massage practice to the next level.


Taught by Theresa Wilkes - NCBTMB Provider # 450891-08 at Light Hand Muscle Therapy.

212 Whitsett St., Greenville SC 29601 864-387-0435

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