Nutritional Counseling

Wellness Assessment and Diet Reboot: Our modern diet is a main source of pain and illness. A large number of people eat fast food and store bought highly processed foods. Although these foods are approved by the FDA, they are not good for our health. Sugar is a primary cause of inflammation. Chemically laden foods leave us under nourished and toxic. Eliminating these foods will lead to better health. Most of us know that. But, so many people are overwhelmed with living their hectic lives to know where to begin to make dietary changes. With 25 years of experience as a natural health practitioner and educator, and presently studying for her naturopathic certification, Theresa Wilkes is adding nutritional counseling to Light Hand’s services. She specializes in making natural health understandable, attainable and desirable for anyone, no matter their starting point. She will sit down with you to determine where your health and habits are now. From there, you will devise a plan together that is reasonable, easy to follow, includes step by step instructions and will help you reach your health goals in a moderate amount of time. This plan will include food lists, shopping lists, recipes, supplemental suggestions, daily health strategies and ongoing personal guidance.

$50 for a one hour consultation.

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