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Lisa Ungefug, Professional Therapist SC LMBT #3353

Lisa had her first massage while living in California in 1990 and was hooked! Although it wasn’t until 2008 that she began her training to become a massage therapist while working full time as a legal secretary, she has always felt the power of touch and understood the impact that massage has on people.Lisa U Therapist

After receiving her certificate at Florence-Darlington Technical College (which, by the way is directed and taught by an alumni of Theresa’s massage class) in 2009 where she was trained in Swedish, Neuro Muscular Therapy, and Deep Tissue and becoming a First Degree Reiki Master (energy work), Lisa began working part-time at a spa in Florence and practicing out of her home where began to find that she really had a desire and passion for helping people become pain free and assist them in finding more ease in their movement.

In 2011 Lisa moved to the upstate and started working full time as an LMBT. During the last 3 years Lisa got married and has worked in at a two local spas. It has been during this time she has gained experience and honed her skills in the more therapeutic and clinical aspects of massage. She has received certification pre-natal massage and recently received her Second Degree Reiki Master certification.

Lisa has a healing touch. She listens to the body as it responds to the work and often uses breath work to facilitate a deeper release of the muscle. With her experience and understanding of the body, she has already helped many people to become pain free and increase their range of motion and help them find peace living in the body they were given. Lisa sees many geriatric clients and performs a great deal of lymphatic massage. The aromatherapy lymph flush cocoon is her own special service. She is a valued member of the Light Hand Muscle Therapy team.



Today I experienced a very healing massage from the new therapist, Lisa. She has magic hands that release tightness and pain. I have been battling a hip, hamstring, gluteus pain for about 1 month. Working with breathing and muscle relaxation while she presses the trigger points is a technique that works miracles. I am returning soon.
Thank you. Kathy B.


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