Headaches tend to be another pain syndrome that is treated as a neurological issue and the muscular aspect is ignored. When the muscles in the neck become chronically tight, they pull on the bones of the neck and the head which in turn compress nerve and brain tissue. Tension around the skull causes a lack of cranial fluid flow which can irritate the brain tissue. All of these factors contribute to headaches and migraines especially in the case of head injuries or whiplash. In our region, chronic seasonal allergy flare ups can also be a contributing factor. Through the release of specific muscles and trigger points, much of the tension on the skull and spine can be released. A more advanced technique called Cranial Sacral Therapy gently balances the bones of the skull and frees the flow of fluid around the brain and down the spine. Massage and bodywork may be effective when medical treatment has not worked or in addition to the client’s medical treatments.