Did you know that if you break the word Fibromyalgia down to it’s root, it translates as fibro=muscle and myalgia=pain? Muscle pain! And, doctors call it a “disease” with no known cause or cure. More and more people (mostly women) are being given this diagnosis without delivering much hope of relief. “Pain management” is usually achieved with numerous prescription drugs. Natural health practitioners see fibromyalgia as one of the growing number of modern day stress syndromes caused by a combination of mental/emotional stress, processed foods and poor diet, inactivity, and systemic inflammation. Each individual has a unique mix of challenges, but overwhelmingly, everyone with fibromyalgia has an accumulation of inflammation in the muscles causing pain, fatigue and dysfunction. The therapists at Light Hand understand the need for gentle but effective medically-based massage because these clients are often getting a great deal of treatment and may have financial concerns as well as fears of being “over treated”. We perform lymphatic drainage techniques to flush the inflammation from the muscles which reduces pain immediately and increases blood, oxygen and nutrient flow to the tissues. We believe this authentically improves the health of the muscles as well as the immunes system. We also have a nutritional counselor on staff who can also recommend diet and supplements that will support the treatments you are receiving from us as well as other health care practitioners. Our goal at Light Hand is to assist  you in becoming authentically healthy and pain free for your lifetime. CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION: 864.387.0435.