First we will have you in for an assessment. You will fill out a detailed history of your medical treatment so we are well informed. Then we will take a look at your surgical scars and any lymphatic congestion that might be present. And, of course, we will ask you about any symptoms and pain you have either directly related to your mastectomy and treatment or secondary to it. Quite often, women will have pain or numbness in their extremities and backs that they don’t think of as being related to the surgery, chemo or radiation treatments. But, our combination of deep tissue therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic massage can help you feel pain free and healthy through your whole body. We will discuss whether you would like to come every week or every other week. This may be influenced by your level of pain and congestion as well as by your budget. The massage therapy usually begins with clearing the lymph nodes and tissues around the neck, chest and arms as the first priority. This increases lymph flow through the area even if you have had nodes removed. It also reduces the possibility of lymphedema in the future. Scar tissue release can be performed gently in these first visits. Once the lymph is moving well, more time can be taken on tight muscles and scar tissue around the shoulders, abdomen and back. This is especially helpful if you have had DIEP Flap and have extensive scars across the abdomen. Finally, we will perform circulatory and lymphatic massage on the hips, legs and feet. These areas are often very congested after chemo, radiation and extended bed rest or inactivity. This supports the lymph and immune system to be strong and vital long after cancer. It is also excellent for reducing pain and fatigue as you get back to your favorite activities.