Neuropathy ~ Lymphedema ~ Muscle and joint pain ~ Tight scars ~ Abdominal adhesions     Insomnia ~ Nausea ~ Depression ~ Anxiety

These are symptoms that cancer patients deal with on a daily basis after treatment, sometimes for years and years.  The common medical approach to this chronic pain is opioid medications.  Skilled clinical massage can offer real relief when nothing else has worked.

Karen came to my office 5 years after her leukemia had gone into remission.  But, she had been in severe pain throughout her muscles and joints ever since her last round of radiation.  Additionally, her hands and feet were numb and tingling with peripheral neuropathy.  Her doctor had prescribed a number of medications and sent her to physical therapy.  She found no relief and while grateful to be cancer free, she grieved over the loss of her active, healthy lifestyle.  She was referred to me by a friend who was a client of mine.  I began by flushing the inflammation and lymph from her arms and legs.  Her body held so much inflammation in the muscles that they were dense and lacked normal circulation.  Once circulation was restored, the neuropathy steadily went away.  And, so did her pain.  Neither has returned to this day.

Karen is only one example of the many people who have discovered that massage is more than general relaxation massage or a hot stone treatment at your local spa.  Studies show that it can be helpful for all of the symptoms of cancer treatment I listed above. Of course, you must find an experienced therapist who works with cancer and other advanced therapeutic needs.

Shirley came into the office 6 months after her mastectomy.  She had lymphedema in her arm and hand.  She was being treated with physical therapy.  However, they were not offering her any treatment for the awful pain she had around the large abdominal scar from the reconstructive surgery which left her bent over with abdominal and lower back pain and tension.  I gently flushed the inflammation from her abdomen before softening the scar tissue and low back muscles.  She got a huge amount of pain relief and her lymphedema improved.  Unfortunately, Shirley was diagnosed with cancer in her second breast.  She was told there was a great potential for lymphedema to settle in the second arm as well as flaring up in the first arm.  So we started massage before her second mastectomy and soon after, as well.  This time she has experienced no lasting pain and no re-occurrence of the lymphedema.

Here is a video of a talk I gave to the oncology department staff at our local hospital.

Please consider seeking out clinical massage for your symptoms after cancer treatment.  You deserve to live pain free!