Bailey Reinard

Bailey Reinard is a young and energetic health professional with a heart for all aspects of wellness and the skills and knowledge base to help you achieve them! She has her Bachelors in Exercise Science and her Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences with a concentration in Corrective Exercise. She is a certified Health and Fitness Specialist which enables her to work with special populations, those on medications, and those dealing with chronic injuries.

She is also a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist which allows her to view people's posture and movements and analyze any dysfunction, impairment and/or imbalance. She has 2+ years experience working with clients of all ages helping improve flexibility, strength, weight loss and most importantly injury rehabilitation/pain management.

Bailey Exercise Specialist




I met Bailey back in August of 2014 during a posture screening session. My wife had been talking to me about posture for a few years since I do desk/computer work, so this was an opportunity to have some specifics identified and find out about some ways to make some corrections. Bailey is very intuitive with body movements and positions and through her video screening she was able to show me how misaligned I have become over 37 years of desk work. She listened very patiently to get a good understanding of my history. With her training in corrective exercise, she designed a plan for me to work on some exercises that will hopefully reverse some of my unhealthy trends. After a few weeks I discovered another muscle weakness that came to light as I was doing some of the exercises she designed. She appropriately restructured my plan to help address this problem as well. Bailey is very personable and great at communicating what is going on with my posture and how to address corrective exercises. She fully demonstrates each exercise and then leads me through completing them correctly. I feel confident that over a period of time I will be able to reclaim some corrected posture and be healthier as a result. I have already become aware of so many little things I can do to help my body be better. She has been nothing but professional and I would gladly recommend her as a personal health consultant. -DE