Lymphatic Wrap

Aromatherapy Lymph Flush Cocoon: We recommend this treatment for our clients with lymph congestion, inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and anyone doing a detox or weight loss diet. Also, it supports those who are quitting smoking! An outstanding treatment for relieving lymph congestion and all of its side effects. The lymph system cleanses toxins, waste products and excess fluids from our bodies. When it becomes stagnant, our health is adversely affected in the form of reduced immune function, increased inflammation, lack of vitality and water retention. This powerful treatment utilizes lymph massage, essential oils and heat to break up lymphatic congestion and return the system to healthy flow. In accomplishing this, this treatment also helps weight reduction and smoking sensation by cleaning out the areas of stagnation in the body where toxins can build up and keep you in the cycle of craving. All this occurs while leaving you completely relaxed and feeling nurtured. Ah-mazing! To create the healing and soothing cocoon, your therapist will place you on a heated table and cover you with warm blankets. She will perform a lymphatic massage using cupping techniques and warm oil mixed with a blend of essential oils chosen for their healing properties. Once each area has been massaged, you are wrapped in the blankets ending up completely cocooned and relaxed. While you luxuriate in the warmth, the therapist gives the session its final touch with a soothing scalp and facial massage. $75